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The Beard Oil
momina Aboguddah

My husband love the bears oil. He was quite happy that it smelled of oud. you do get your moneys worth because you don’t need to use much. I also appreciate the amazing customer service. They don’t take long to answer and are very helpful.


Completed my first bottle of this and i can honestly say it’s amazing. Great organic ingredients provides the best feeling and great scent! Highly recommend! And the conditioner!!

The Hair Repair Oil
Ahmed Alhabil
Excellent and wonderful oil

We liked this oil a lot after the first experience of buying, we used it for my youngest daughter and she is the one who appears in the picture, a natural oil for hair extension and other benefits, this oil is suitable for my daughter's hair, so we bought again, and God willing we will continue to buy

The Beard Oil
Mousa Cutz
Love it 😍

I have been using it for the past few months and honestly it’s amazing my beard always looks & feels great I definitely will keep ordering and I will definitely recommend this to everyone and I definitely recommend anyone looking to improve their beard and hair care

The first thing I noticed about the Noun Naturals shampoo and conditioner was the smell. The scent is easily the nicest of any shampoo and conditioner I have ever used. The formula includes delicious ingredients like organic peppermint essential oil and organic eucalyptus oil that makes you want to pour the entire bottle on your head in one go.

Anyway, I reluctantly digress because I could easily write an entire article about how this stuff smells.

The first thing I noticed after using this shampoo just once was how clean my hair felt. It really stripped all the gunk and product from my hair and left it feeling light and healthy, I also have noticed my hair fall has completely stopped almost 7 days after using this product. I love it and here’s the final verdict for this amazing hair product

• The scent is to die for
• You can feel a difference in hair texture after a few days/weeks
• Fewer split ends and less breakage
• My ends felt thicker and stronger


I rated a 1 star- due to many reasons. I order 2 months ago. After emailing, used message board on website, and texting no one got back to me till day day 13. I thought it was not a real business. I then email and someone got to me within a day. That person said it will arrive in a week after a month of waiting. Then I didn’t get that day as promised. I emailed again and the founder emailed back and said that person got confused with another order. What??? My name and address was given why would it be a wrong order!! Again, another few weeks of waiting and promises. After tracking the order many times, it wasn’t registering on usps saying “not found”- so founder said it was stuck somewhere or didn’t get scanned. Again what??? He then said it will come in a week. Finally got it after 2 months of waiting.

I understand that delivery might be issue now, but I get packages from international and still won’t wait 2 months for damn cream and a hair brush. Finally, my intention was to support a Muslim young brother. But it was difficult situation with false promises.

Smell good. Lathers well. Reasonable price.

Love the soap

Amazing on skin!

The Beard Butter
Elias Halabi

Great Beard moisturizer and smells great!

My curls new best friend!!

I use both the shampoo and the conditioner, and I can already tell the difference! My curls are less frizzy, they are very very nourished, and I can already see a difference with my hair thickness!!! I use the conditioner after shampooing to detangle, then I’d use it as a leave in conditioner (this was recommended by Khaled). After using it as a leave in conditioner, I know for sure I’ll never go back to other leave in conditioner products😆 also, this stuff smells amazing!

Turmeric + Organic Black Seed Daily Shampoo

This shampoo is amazing! It doesn’t dry out my hair, and it keeps my hair smelling good and fresh :)

The Body Butter
Matthew Madrigal

The Body Butter

Your Spa treatment at home!

Where do I start?!?! A great opportunity to pamper yourself at home with clean ingredients! Great tingling feeling to get the blood flow going on your scalp just make sure to follow-up with conditioner. I jave the entire family on your products and we are in love! We'll you had us at Hello with your hair and beard ouls so we are hooked! Can't thank you enough for providing clean quality ingredients at an affordable price. Wishing you all the best.

The Beard Oil
Farrah Riz
My brother loved it!

Thanks for making such natural & effective products! My bro was super happy :)

The Beard Butter
Alia Awad

Purchased this for my husband. Great ingredients. Leave the hair so soft and smooth. Smells amazing. A little is all you need.

The Balm
Alia Awad

Purchased this for my husband. Great ingredients. Leave the hair so soft and smooth. Love the way it smells.

The Beard Oil
Alia Awad
Smells great!

Purchased this for my husband. Great ingredients. Leave the hair so soft and smooth.

Loving it!

Left my hands feeling like butter! A little goes a long way. Smells amazing.

Great product

This is such a great product. I have used many hair oils and most of them doing even contain any of the amazing ingredients this one does. So natural, no harmful ingredients. Smells great. Leaves my hair super shines and smooth.

The Beard Butter
eyad Ziyadeh
Great product

Arrived on time

Must have!

If you’re second guessing adding this to your cart, do it now! This body butter is an essential! Super hydrating and the scent is amazing!!

Just WOW

Hands down the best exfoliator I’ve ever used. I have tried many in the past and this is the only one that does not strip your skin dry but instead it moisturizes your skin while exfoliating! Amazing.


Order was delayed but that was to be expected. The soaps smell amazing!! My sister loves the lemongrass & I like the citrus lavender. I’ll definitely be buying more soaps!!

Happy customer

Would buy again!

My favorite product to use!

I’ve tried so many different oils for my hair and almost gave up on finding one to use continuously as my go-to until I tried The Hair Repair Oil. It smells really good, doesn’t feel too heavy on my scalp, and has significantly reduced my hair fall out. It leaves my hair smooth and moisturized and I’m genuinely happy with the results. I will absolutely continue to use and purchase the oil and would recommend it to everyone.